After a Harris County deputy was shot during a traffic check, a blue alert was issued.

Terran Green, James Green(HOUSTON PD)
Terran Green, James Green(HOUSTON PD)
Aug. 17,2023 , 7:25 AM IST


Following the Wednesday night shooting of a deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office during a traffic stop, a blue alert has been issued for Terran Green, 34, and James Green, 37.

A black male described as Terran is 5’4″ tall, with black hair, and brown eyes. He was last seen sporting a black pair of shorts and a gray top.

James is characterized as a Black male with black hair, brown eyes, and a height of 5’6″.

In relation to Terran, police are looking for a blue 2016 Ford Escape with the Texas license plate number SVJ6590.

A HCSO deputy was called to a traffic stop in the 13600 block of Homestead Road at 7:39 in the evening.

Dispatch got reports that an officer was down on the site not long after the deputy arrived.

When EMS arrived, they helped the deputy until he was taken by helicopter to a hospital.

Police Driving the Ford Escape, the two sped away from the scene.

The deputy was undergoing surgery, and according to HCSO Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, his status was categorized as critical but stable.

The deputy was shot at least twice in the upper torso, according to sheriff Gonzales.

The deputy, who is 29 years old, has worked as a deputy with HCSO for more than a year.

Call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 if you have any information.

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