Luis Rubiales refuses to give up during his tirade about an unwanted kiss

After a week of increasing criticism following his unasked-for kiss of Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso, Luis Rubiales refused to resign as president of the Spanish football federation (RFEF) on Friday. He also stated that he will “fight to the end” in order to keep his position.

During an unusual meeting of the federation’s general assembly, Rubiales, 46, made a speech in which he attempted to justify his behaviour and lashed out at opponents. He then revealed the unexpected move, which came after widespread reports that he planned to resign. Rubiales’s announcement came after widespread reports that he planned to resign.

After that, both the president of Spain’s Sports Council (CSD) and the country’s Secretary of State for Sport, Victor Francos, confirmed that the CSD will pursue legal action against Rubiales by filing a complaint with Spain’s Administrative Sports Court.

“Do you think this [incident] is so serious that I should go, after having the best management in the history of Spanish football?” “Do you think this [incident] is so serious that I should go?” It was said by Rubiales. “Let me tell you that I will not be resigning from my position. I won’t be quitting my position. I won’t be quitting my position.

“I’ve been put under a significant amount of strain. On Monday, it’s possible that someone will try to get rid of me. On the other hand, we live in a legal system. Is a kiss shared between two consenting adults enough to get rid of me? I’m not going to give up until the battle is over. I really hope that the law is followed, and that [removing me] doesn’t end up happening because there’s no need to do so.

Luis Rubiales was defiant in an explosive speech where he refused to resign as Spain's FA president. Photo by Maja Hitij - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
Luis Rubiales was defiant in an explosive speech where he refused to resign as Spain’s FA president. Photo by Maja Hitij – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Rubiales provided a comprehensive explanation of his activities following Spain’s triumph in the Women’s World Cup final. These acts included grasping his crotch in the immediate aftermath of the win and planting an uninvited kiss on Hermoso’s lips during the medal presentation ceremony. Rubiales also drew attention to the fact that he had grabbed his crotch in the immediate aftermath of the win.

Rubiales claimed, “In a moment of euphoria, I grabbed that part of my body,” and he explained why he did so. “As I was looking at Jorge Vilda, the coach,” I said. This year has been a challenging one for us in many ways. Using a fabricated story, some individuals have expressed an interest in doing to Vilda what they are currently doing to me. We have endured a great deal of pain. I became overcome with strong feelings and lost control…. I am sorry to the Queen, the Infanta, and everyone else in the Royal Household for the inconvenience this causes. Please accept my deepest apologies.”

On the other hand, Rubiales, who was elected president of the RFEF in 2018, has stated that he will not accept any blame for the kiss.

“My desire in that moment was exactly the same as if I’d have been kissing one of my daughters,” he added. “My desire in that moment was exactly the same.” “Neither one nor the other. That is something that is known by all. It was a spontaneous kiss, shared by both parties, and it was done with their consent. The answer lies in that.

“[Hermoso] was responsible for a missed penalty. I have wonderful connections with each and every one of the players… As soon as Jenni arrived, she picked me up off of the floor and helped me stand up. We were on the verge of collapsing. We locked arms. I told him, “Forget about the penalty, you’ve been fantastic, and we wouldn’t have won the World Cup without you.” He laughed and said, “That’s funny.” ‘You’re fantastic,’ she complimented me, she added. I asked her, “A kiss?,” and she responded, “Yes.”

“From ‘no big deal’ and all that, the pressure starts, the player remains silent, and Hermoso makes a statement that I don’t understand,” he said. In this situation, justice is not being served. They are carrying out an attempted murder on me in the form of a social assassination.

Hermoso made her first public remark over the event on Wednesday, in which she called for action in a joint statement with her players’ union, FUTPRO, and appealed to the RFEF to ensure that the rights of the players were protected.

“My union, FUTPRO, in coordination with my agency, TMJ, are taking care of defending my interests and being the interlocutors on this matter,” Hermoso said. “My agency, TMJ, is also taking care of defending my interests.”

In the meantime, Rubiales continued by labelling those who disagreed with him as “false feminists.”

He advised that everyone should be aware of the distinction between truth and lies. “I am being completely honest. Fake feminism is not concerned with seeking justice or the truth, and it has no regard for other people…. [Different politicians] have referred to concepts such as sexual assault and violence. What are the women who have been the victims of sexual assault going to think about that?

“I am going to defend myself because these individuals are attempting to destroy my reputation. False feminists are harmful to people in many ways…. Even if the majority of the press will keep trying to destroy me, I am aware of the truth, as well as what my family and the people who love me believe about me. The truth always reveals itself.

Immediately after the speech, several former Spain national team players took to social media to criticise Rubiales. David de Gea stated things like “My ears are bleeding,” while Iker Casillas called the speech a “total embarrassment.”

Borja Iglesias, who plays for Real Betis, is another player who has stated that he will not participate in any more matches for the men’s national team while Rubiales is in charge.

Rubiales’ attitude following Spain’s victory in the World Cup final in Sydney drew much condemnation, both in Spain and around the world. As a result, FIFA said on Thursday that it will commence disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales.

Rubiales originally referred to his detractors as “idiots,” but he eventually offered an apology for his behaviour.
Pedro Sanchez, who is serving as Spain’s acting prime minister, referred to that reaction as “insufficient and inadequate,” while Yolanda Diaz, who is serving as Spain’s acting second deputy prime minister, called for Rubiales to leave.

During the entirety of his time serving as the president of the regulatory body for Spanish football, Rubiales has been a figure that has been mired in controversy.

On the eve of the 2018 men’s World Cup, he fired Spain’s head coach Julen Lopetegui and moved the Spanish Supercopa to Saudi Arabia with then-active player Gerard Pique as a business partner. In addition, he took over the ownership of Real Madrid.

The RFEF was also criticised for the way it handled the complaints of 15 players on Spain’s women’s national team over coach Jorge Vilda and the federation’s support for the team. The players were unhappy with the RFEF’s support for the team.

The response from Rubiales was to support Vilda. After several adjustments were made, only three of the original 15 players participated in the World Cup, while seven players declined to take part and five others were not chosen.