Rachel Zegler stands strong against racist backlash, calls it ‘nonsensical discourse’


Rachel Zegler, the star of Disney Studios’ upcoming live-action remake of Snow White, is once again addressing criticism regarding her casting in the film.

In  recent tweet, Zegler expressed her gratitude for the support she has received but requested to be left out of the “nonsensical discourse” surrounding her role.

Recently, leaked photos from  UK set of the film revealed the actors portraying the updated representation of the seven dwarfs. The diversity in the casting and deviations from the original story’s canon drew criticism on social media. Disney previously stated its intention to take a different approach with the characters to avoid reinforcing stereotypes.
Since the announcement of her casting in 2021, Zegler has faced racist remarks and questioning from internet users regarding her portrayal of Snow White, a character traditionally depicted as having fair skin. In a previous interview, she shared her approach of not letting the negative comments affect her and focusing on her beliefs.