What will Donald Trump do after pleading not guilty to attempting to rig the 2020 election?



Two realities exist. There are two realities: one that Donald Trump would prefer to be true and one that is less desirable and worse. Trump was charged on Thursday in one of them with attempting to invalidate the outcome of the 2020 election. This occurred in the other.

Trump entered the courtroom with his head held high. He had to push his way through a sea of huge, strong guys who were all sobbing uncontrollably because of what was happening to him before he finally made it to the courtroom. They had held onto him with their hands while they sobbed copious, manly tears and blubbered, “Sir,” in between sobs, all the way through the mob.

The muscular men sobbed, “Sir,” “Sir, this witch hunt, where people are trying to accuse you of crimes only because you tried to rig the election, is beyond anything we have ever seen! And one of us is even a fireman, in addition to being judges and lawyers. They comforted one another while crying. A few of them even tore their clothes, but Trump was relieved ripped find that they were wearing extra clothing underneath.

Trump did not shed a tear. They were all in awe of Donald Trump because he was the biggest and strongest person there. He heard them say as much. He has one of the better hearing abilities among birds. He could hear things that no one had uttered since his hearing was so good.

Trump enters a not guilty plea to allegations that he planned to rig the election.

“We also admire your fingers, sir,” one of the big, strong men was whispering, through his tears. “How long and beautiful they are. It isn’t right that they do this to a man like yourself, sir!”

Donald Trump somberly shook his head. He didn’t feel sorry for himself. He felt sorrow for the nation. The nation had recently committed numerous errors, first in 2020 when millions of people cast invalid ballots, and now when it was attempting to apply the law to him despite the fact that he had served as president once before and would do so again shortly as well as for the rest of his life. He missed the times when he could relax in his stunning tower and was adored by everyone. The interior of the structure was well furnished, with leopard print and brass accents occasionally used. King Midas appeared to have used a less expensive curse and appeared to have touched everything.

However, he was now in a courtroom. What had happened to life that they would accuse a former president of conspiring to rig the election for the third time and indict him not once, not twice, but three times? Warren G. Harding was a former president; most presidents, however, were never even ever prosecuted. According to the New York attorney general, it didn’t add up like certain balance sheets from the Trump Organization.

He waited patiently for his apology as he sat in the courtroom. It had to happen at any moment. Such an apology would usually be delivered orally by an eagle, but perhaps the judge might do so instead.

“Sir,” the judge said. “I would like to apologize on behalf of America. Approach the bench.”

“No,” the bench said, “I will approach him, out of respect.” The bench was anthropomorphic, and it was his friend.

Donald Trump cocked his regal head to indicate that he was paying attention.

“You are not wrong,” the judge continued. “You are Donald Trump, and nothing you do can possibly be wrong.”

Donald Trump’s attorney continued, “If attempting to have the results of the 2020 election overturned constitutes a crime, Donald Trump committed several crimes.” (He always hired the best lawyers, savory characters from the top of the barrel; you could tell because they all looked like they were melting, and several were listed as co-conspirators in his indictments, where they were quoted saying things like, “This seems illegal and I’m saying so in writing.”)

The court responded, “It’s not because clearly the nation erred.

Donald Trump said, “Thank you.

“Also, we neglected that you knew better than reality when we declared that you were lying because you knew that what you were saying was false. You developed this talent throughout the course of your many years in business and real estate. Even better than the state election officials in, for example, Arizona and Georgia, you know which news is true and which is phony, and you also know which votes are real and which are fake. They will be punished by us for their ignorance.

Numerous folks cheered outside. Not just a few hundred or so people were present; millions of people were there, and they were all crying and muscly. They reeked of milkshakes.

Donald Trump said, “It’s okay. An eagle came swooping down on his enormous hand as he graciously waved it, not the least bit scaring him. “I’ll be president once more soon, and then we won’t have to worry about elections,”

The judge said, “We cannot wait for that to happen,” and the audience applauded. They had built a huge, stunning statue of Donald Trump outside that perfectly captured his fingers between that statement and the one before it. “I made you a hamburger to apologize, and I’m going to drench myself in ketchup right now. And after that, I’m going to go shoot darts at Joe Biden.

Six guys hurried up to present Donald Trump with the Nobel Peace Prize as everyone cheered. Unprompted, a number of attractive women gave him their entire life savings. To prevent him from having any further issues, the Constitution kindly changed itself, and the state legal systems where he conducted business swiftly followed suit. Frederick Douglass and Vladimir Putin both extended congratulations in the form of telegrams.

The trance was broken by a high, thin noise. A young toddler was laughing while pointing at Donald Trump. A voice shouted, “Donald Trump!” “You cannot just decide that reality doesn’t exist; it does! You cannot try to undermine the democratic process while lying, inciting violence, or both! You are unsuited to serve if you can’t distinguish between what is real and what is just in your head. No matter how much you’d wish it not to, reality exists.

That doesn’t happen, Donald Trump remarked. “Just observe. You’ll observe.

He smiled while he closed his eyes. Everyone was clapping inside.