Who Is the Fiancée of Deion Sanders? Overview of Tracey Edmonds

Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds met at a party in 2012

Edmonds in 2015, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com
Edmonds in 2015, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

The romance between Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds has all the ingredients to become a hit movie in Hollywood.

Sanders, a former professional athlete who competed in many sports, is the only athlete in history to have participated in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. He currently devotes his time and efforts to coaching younger athletes in their respective sports. Edmonds, on the other hand, has amassed quite an amazing résumé for herself, which includes the founding of her own production company in addition to the receipt of an Emmy Award.

The first time Sanders and Edmonds crossed paths was in 2012, during the opening night screening of a film that Edmonds had produced. They did not get back in touch with one another until a professional gathering a few months later brought them together. The events that followed are now part of past history.

Sanders told PEOPLE that meeting Edmonds, whom he characterises as “classy, professional, and a real woman,” was “a blessing for my life.” He also described Edmonds as a “real woman.”

The celebrity couple Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds have spoken out about their relationship, saying, “We Understand Each Other.”
The two sweethearts currently call their ranch in Canton, Texas, home. However, they spend the most of their time in Boulder, Colorado, which is where Sanders coaches collegiate football, as well as in Atlanta and Los Angeles, which are also cities in which Edmonds films.

Sanders and Edmonds’ occupations often prevent them from spending time together, despite the fact that each of them are quite accomplished in their own way. Sanders believes that the reward of seeing his friends achieve their goals makes the struggle worthwhile.

The shows that she chooses to make are significant, they have content, they are interesting and difficult, and I appreciate that about it, he added. “I mean, what she does, I don’t take for granted whatsoever,” he said.

Who exactly is it that Deion Sanders is going to marry? Everything you need to know about Tracey Edmonds and her connection to the football coach at the University of Colorado is included in this article.


She is a prosperous businesswoman and producer in Hollywood.

Tracey Edmonds on set in New Mexico in 2021.PHOTO: TRACEY EDMONDS INSTAGRAM
Tracey Edmonds on set in New Mexico in 2021.



Edmonds, who is a producer, has been employed in the television and film industries for more than 25 years.

In 2018, she established both her own production company, which is named Edmonds Entertainment Group, and her own lifestyle brand. She presently holds the position of CEO at Edmonds Entertainment Group.

Over the course of his career, Edmonds has contributed to a number of illustrious projects, one of which, College Hill, was BET’s very first reality television series. After completing its first run of six seasons, the show has subsequently been revived as College Hill: Celebrity Edition. In addition, Edmonds created “End of the Road,” which can be seen on Netflix, “Games People Play,” which can be found on BET, and “The Postcard Killings.”

Edmonds has also worked as a journalist for television in the past. Between the years 2014 and 2017, she worked as a co-host on ExtraTV alongside Mario Lopez and Charissa Thompson, a role for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award.

At the moment, Edmonds is a part of the Producers Guild of America as a member. Edmonds launched her very own YouTube channel in May 2023, devoting it to her “new life chapter in Hilton Head, [South Carolina],” on which she shares “the secrets of lowcountry living, local gems, and personal anecdotes.”

She has dated A-listers in the past.

Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds at the Southern Heritage Classic Game in Memphis in 2021. PHOTO: TRACEY EDMONDS INSTAGRAM
Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds at the Southern Heritage Classic Game in Memphis in 2021. PHOTO: TRACEY EDMONDS INSTAGRAM

Before she began dating Sanders, Edmonds was in a high-profile relationship with the musician Kenneth “Babyface” Edmond for about 15 years. This relationship ended shortly before Edmonds began seeing Sanders. They have two children together, a son named Brandon and another named Dylan, and were married from 1992 to 2005.

After that, Edmonds began a relationship with the actor Eddie Murphy, to whom she became engaged in the year 2007. A representative for Murphy was quoted as saying to People at the time, “Tracey and Eddie are both very much in love and are excited about spending the rest of their lives together.” On January 1, 2008, they exchanged their vows in a “simply perfect” symbolic wedding that took place on a private island in French Polynesia. However, just 12 days later, they made the announcement that they were no longer together.

Despite the fact that Murphy and Edmonds stated in their official separation statement that “it is not necessary to define our relationship further,” a guest at the wedding told PEOPLE that attendance “could hear them yelling” and that the situation was “pretty dramatic.”

Babyface told Oprah Winfrey that even if he doesn’t think the relationship between Edmonds and Murphy was “the best thing,” Sanders is “a good guy.” During his interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter, the musician divulged the fact that Sanders made a particular effort to get in touch with him before he met his sons.

Babyface was quoted as saying something along the lines of, “I knew that Deion, Mr. Prime Time, seems like a nice guy,” according to HuffPost. “But he became a classy guy when he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he sat down and had lunch or breakfast with me, so he knew me before he met my children.” “But he became a classy guy when he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he had lunch or breakfast with me.”

She is quite close with her sons.

Tracey Edmonds with her sons, Brandon and Dylan in 2021.PHOTO: TRACEY EDMONDS INSTAGRAM
Tracey Edmonds with her sons, Brandon and Dylan in 2021.

Edmonds has put in a lot of effort, ever when her sons were little, in order to cultivate a tight bond with her sons Brandon and Dylan, whom she welcomed with her ex-husband Babyface. In addition to this, she has established some boundaries in order to assist in “keeping them out of the Hollywood craziness.”

“Because I raised both of my children by myself as a single mother, I have always believed that it is of the utmost significance to have open and candid dialogues about life with both of my children on a daily basis. According to what she said with the online publication Tinseltown Mom, “it’s just been the three of us inside my household, so they’ve grown up very close to me in every aspect of their lives.” Her family consists of only three people.

It would appear that Dylan and Brandon have taken after their renowned parents in many ways. Brandon is a musician who graduated from Loyola Marymount University. Recently, he has become interested in the film industry and entertainment in general. Edmonds revealed that her youngest child, who aspires to be the manager of a professional sports team, has these goals.

She first met Sanders in 2012

Edmonds’ bingo card didn’t include the possibility of her falling in love with a two-time Super Bowl champion. The Hollywood mogul had previously stated to PEOPLE that he never in a million years would have anticipated that their path would cross with theirs and that they and he would end up in a relationship together.

The party where the two met for the first time was a movie premiere in the year 2012. Sanders attended the event as a guest, and Edmonds, who was instrumental in the production of the movie, was recognised as one of the evening’s honorees. Even though they didn’t spend a lot of time together, Edmonds managed to completely win Sanders over in the small amount of time that they did connect. He requested a buddy to get her business card, and a few months later, he reached out to her. However, he made sure to keep the conversation strictly business-related at first.

“I started off thinking I was just going to produce [Deion’s Family Playbook],” Edmonds revealed, noting that the first time they met up one-on-one was to discuss Sanders’ vision for a reality series. Edmonds also mentioned that the first time they met up one-on-one was to discuss Sanders’ concept for a reality series. “However, after we began working together on the show, we quickly developed a strong liking for one another and eventually began dating.”

She and Sanders got engaged in 2019

In February of 2019, Edmonds and Sanders moved their romance to the next level by moving in together. The Hollywood producer was overjoyed to announce the couple’s engagement to their followers on various social media platforms.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Fam! Sending LOVE to MY LOVE/MY FIANCÉ  @deionsanders! ❤️💍,” she captioned a snap of her and Sanders smiling. “God is SO GOOD! We’re 8 years in, made it through the storms TOGETHER, and will be spending the rest of our lives TOGETHER!”

Edmonds ended the post with some relationship advice: “To all the couples out there… stay REAL with each other, LISTEN to each other, and MOST of all.. keep LOVE and GOD in your heart. When you do, you can make it through ANY storm! Spread LOVE and JOY on this day! ❤️”.

She and Sanders have shared the secret to their long-lasting romance

The incompatibility of Sanders and Edmonds’ work schedules results in the two frequently being separated for extended periods of time. The head coach of the college football team told PEOPLE that the couple’s “go-getter mentality” is what keeps their love going, especially considering the distance between them.

Sanders stated, “I love what both of us contribute to society and to this world,” and he was referring to their contributions. He went on to clarify that the fact that they are in a long-distance relationship is merely a consequence of the fact that they are both successful professionals and nothing more. “It’s not just a separation because you want to be separated; it’s a separation because you are active, and you are really influencing people’s lives,” she said.

She and Sanders find strength in supporting one another’s goals

Edmonds and Sanders have chosen to look at their position through rose-colored glasses despite the fact that a long-distance relationship unquestionably has its fair share of challenges. Sanders stated during a joint interview with PEOPLE that he and Edmonds are “at the age and stage where I don’t think neither of us needs a lot.” This was Sanders’ justification for saying that they do not require a great deal.

For instance, the former athlete claimed that he and Edmonds do not regularly contact or text each other during the day, although some couples may make it a priority to communicate in this manner. The pair has discovered that the best way to strengthen their relationship is for each of them to provide the other the space necessary to develop their individual jobs.

“Tracey is a self-starter in every sense of the word. Sanders continued, “and I get up early, and she knows I’m up working out, and I’m ready to go get it. I’m ready to go get it.” “It is a blessing, but because each of us is busy with our own things, we are able to understand each other.”

Edmonds joined in as well, saying that “there’s no regular schedule with us” and that “we just do our very best to see each other as much as we possibly can.” Edmonds also added that “there’s no regular schedule with us.”